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By Strife Team • May 24, 2022

It is said that you eat with your eyes first, which is why food presentation is so important. That presentation, however, does not only apply to the food you prepare; it also applies to the brand you build around it. A great brand will have customers lining up for a taste whether you run a food truck, own a restaurant, or sell packaged food products. You need one key ingredient to create a brand that whets customers’ appetites: a well-designed food logo.

Whats a food company logo?

A food logo is a symbol or design that represents a company or organization’s products, services, and employees. In its most basic form, a food logo identifies. It’s how your food company will be remembered and recognized. It also serves as your food company’s public face.

According to reports, the food chain industry is the most profitable in the world. It has grown rapidly in recent decades as a result of the introduction of fast foods. Today, there are dozens of fast food restaurants to choose from. It has become a societal trend, as restaurants with high-quality fast food logos consistently receive more attention than others.

As a result, every restaurant is now attempting to include a fast food item on its menu. Though it has not diminished the popularity of traditional cuisines, it has created a significant market demand for itself.

Why is it critical to create high-quality food logos and names?

Food logos are well-known for playing a significant role in defining a restaurant’s raw image. People usually form opinions about a location based on its logos. A pizza company, for example, would always try to incorporate a pizza image into its logo. Customers are drawn to it because it provides a clear thought.

However, these restaurants frequently fail to create high-quality logos. As a marketer, you should always remember that logos are extremely important in defining your brand identity. It describes your background and informs others about your services.

As a result, it is recommended that you always pay attention to the design of your logos. Particularly if you work in the food industry, you should always create unique food logos. Not only that, but you must also know how to copyright a logo in order to protect their identity.

It’s also crucial to protect the rights to your restaurant’s logos. It ensures that your logos are not copied without your permission anywhere. It provides official government approval, allowing you to freely promote your business in the market.

How to Create Innovative Food Logos?

As a designer, you must understand how to create a flawless logo. It is not an easy process because it necessitates extensive market research and analysis. People try to form opinions about a restaurant based on its logo. As a result, it’s critical to design them flawlessly so that they can quickly engage eyeballs.

Here are some of the most useful hints for creating unique food logos.

1. Consider the Foodies

When creating any restaurant logo, it is best to keep foodies in mind. The reason for this is that it enables you to generate various types of ideas relevant to your target audience. If your restaurant serves seafood, for example, you should depict a popular cuisine. In this case, you can highlight shrimp, tuna, and other foods that are popular among foodies.

Choosing a popular market dish allows your logo to catch people’s attention. We’ve seen famous brands use vector food art for the same reason on numerous occasions. They know how to get people’s attention by displaying the appropriate delectable foods.

If you own a fast food restaurant, you have a lot of options. In your logos, you can include everything from burgers to pizzas and more.

2. Choose an eye-catching color scheme.

When creating any type of artwork, color combinations are crucial. This is true not only for logo design, but for everything related to your brand. These colors highlight specific meanings, allowing you to convey a message.

The task of choosing colors for logos is crucial. As a designer, you must understand color meanings and how they relate to the brand’s overall theme. When designing food logos, people frequently choose the wrong colors. They are unconcerned about the relevance of the colors or how they can attract attention.

Looking at examples of top restaurant logos is the best way to choose colors. It allows you to select the colors that best complement your logo. In this regard, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, and a number of other companies stand out. These logos’ color combinations are very vibrant, which makes them stand out among others.

3. Use ready-made templates

Nowadays, it has become easier to design everything related to business branding. The existence of various online marketplaces has given designers a great ease to find their required design templates. The availability of different types of logo templates is also one of them. You can find dozens of premade templates available online, made exclusively according to the requirements of every sector.

Freepik, Envato, and a number of other websites are among the best places to find ready-made templates. These marketplaces are extremely popular among designers because they offer a large number of logo mockups at a low cost.

You can create unique food logos in a matter of minutes by using these templates. To make logo editing simple, most platforms provide EPS files. The EPS file allows you to easily customize these food logos as a designer. It not only saves you time, but it also saves you a lot of effort in the design process.

4. Examine Famous Restaurant Logos

Examining the emblems of top market restaurants is another excellent way to create engaging food logos. It enables you to determine the appropriate color scheme and style for a specific logo. When creating logos, people can become perplexed. They can’t seem to get to a point where they can finalize a logo. In this case, it is suggested that they look at popular restaurant logos for inspiration.

You can get a lot of inspiration from the McDonalds or KFC logos if you’re a fast food company. Both of these food chains are considered world giants. Because everyone prefers McDonalds or KFC for an evening/midnight meal, their logos have become a primary source of attracting customers.

This demonstrates the significance of their logos and how they help these global food chains generate consistent revenue. As a result, looking at these logos can provide useful inspiration. It will assist you in gaining an understanding of how to create logos that will inspire crazy foodies.

5. Choose the Best Slogan

Many companies nowadays prefer to create a logo with a memorable slogan. It assists them in defining their business goal and distinguishing themselves from competitors. More importantly, these taglines aid their marketing campaigns by allowing them to use strong words to define their brand identity.

But, in order for that slogan to work, it must be carefully crafted. It’s not a one-liner that can be picked at random. It’s a crucial sentence that sums up your entire company in just 5-6 words. If a tagline isn’t memorable, it casts a negative light on the entire logo. All of your hard work on the logo design will be ruined, and your market reputation will suffer as a result.

As a result, always try to think of slogans that are unique and interesting. If you’re not sure how to write a slogan, look up different restaurant slogan examples on the internet. It will inspire you to write a slogan that accurately defines your brand voice.

The Best Food Logo Designs to Inspire You

If you’re having trouble coming up with logo ideas, look up some famous food logos on the internet. These logos will provide you with a plethora of ideas that you can easily translate into your own design.

Here are some logo ideas to get you started on creating creative art.


That brings us to the conclusion of this blog, in which we discussed food logo design in depth. We all know how important restaurant logos are in terms of establishing a brand’s reputation. These logos aid in the formation of a public perception, which leads to increased brand engagement.

If you want to achieve strong market recognition, you should carefully design your food logos. Every food company nowadays relies heavily on creative branding. It enables them to market their services and attract customers to their delicious food.

If you don’t have any experience designing brand logos, feel free to seek help from our professionals. Our logo design company has a lot of experience designing all types of food logos to your specifications.

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