What is Logo Re-Design?

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By Strife Team • September 10, 2023

Logo re-design is a fascinating aspect of graphic design that involves revitalizing an existing brand’s visual identity. It’s not just about giving a logo a fresh coat of paint; it’s about strategically enhancing it to align with evolving brand values, audience preferences, and market trends.

Why Consider Logo Re-Design?

Logo re-design becomes necessary for various reasons:

  1. Outdated Design: Over time, a logo may appear outdated due to changes in design trends.
  2. Rebranding: Companies often undergo rebranding to reflect new missions or values, necessitating a logo update.
  3. Mergers and Acquisitions: When companies merge or acquire others, logo re-design harmonizes the visual elements.
  4. Audience Shift: A logo might not resonate with a shifting target audience, warranting a change.

The Logo Re-Design Process

The process of logo re-design involves several key steps:

1. Research and AnalysisUnderstand the brand, its history, and reasons for re-design. Analyze market and competitor logos.
2. ConceptualizationBrainstorm ideas and sketch rough concepts for the new logo design.
3. Design IterationsCreate multiple design iterations, experimenting with colors, fonts, and symbols.
4. Feedback and RevisionsGather feedback from stakeholders and make necessary revisions.
5. FinalizationSelect the winning design and refine it for consistency and scalability.
6. Launch and PromotionUnveil the new logo, update branding materials, and promote it to the target audience.

Challenges in Logo Re-Design

Logo re-design is not without challenges:

  • Brand Recognition: Striking a balance between the old and new design to maintain brand recognition can be tricky.
  • Audience Reaction: Some customers may resist change, so managing their reactions is vital.
  • Consistency: Ensuring the new logo is consistent across all platforms and materials is a challenge.

Examples of Successful Logo Re-Designs

  1. Apple: Apple’s logo has evolved from a detailed illustration to its current minimalist, iconic design.
  2. Pepsi: PepsiCo has refreshed its logo several times, adapting to changing consumer tastes.
  3. Google: Google’s logo transformation simplified the design while retaining its vibrant, playful spirit.


In conclusion, logo re-design is a strategic process that breathes new life into a brand’s visual identity. It adapts to changing times while preserving the essence of the brand. Successful logo re-designs can rejuvenate a brand’s image and capture the hearts of both new and loyal customers.

FAQs :

When should a company consider logo re-design?

A company should consider logo re-design when its current logo appears outdated, or there’s a need to align with rebranding efforts.

How can I ensure my logo re-design maintains brand recognition?

Maintaining brand recognition during logo re-design involves preserving key elements while refreshing the design subtly.

What are the common mistakes to avoid in logo re-design?

Common mistakes include drastic changes that alienate loyal customers and failing to ensure consistency across all materials.

How long does a logo re-design process typically take?

The duration of logo re-design varies depending on factors like complexity and stakeholder feedback but can take several weeks to months.

Do I need a professional graphic designer for logo re-design?

Hiring a professional graphic designer is highly recommended for a successful logo re-design, as they bring expertise and creativity to the process.

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