Best Eye Logo Ideas of All-Time

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By Strife Team • November 2, 2023

The world can see what you stand for through your logo, and it helps brand recognition and product suitability for potential customers. All of that is expressed in logos through the use of color, shape, and other design elements. Learn how to tell your brand’s story through your logo.

Whats Logo Ideas?

With a unique logo created especially for you by a qualified designer, you can showcase the personality of your brand. You’re in need of suggestions. We’ve gathered some incredible logo examples from our international community of designers. Get motivated and begin developing the ideal logo design right away.

10 Creative Eye Logos


by Ery-Prihananto


by Gert-van-Duinen


by Hoyt-Haffelder


by Ivan-Nikolow


by Kakha-Kakhadzen


by M.Hasan-Nematian


by Mihajlo-Tunev


by Neeko-David


by Tornike-Uchava


by Vadim-Carazan


These are 10 of the best ideas we’ve complied for eye logos by few of the designers we’ve worked with, the common thing in these logos are simplicity and timelessness. Which are important factors in modern day logos.

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